Our professional roofing contractors have years of experience in Geelong and are specialists in both metal and tile roof replacements. If you’re thinking about a re-roof in the Geelong area look no further – we have the finest Geelong roofers to help you with your needs.

Should you Replace your Roof?

Our expert roofers have a high quality of workmanship and provide warranty on all their work. Installing a new roof by our roofers will mean an end to continual maintenance issues and expenses on your old roof.

With a roof replacement you can have piece of mind that you will not need to spend money on your roof for many many years. A new roof will impact your home increasing value and transforming the overall appearance of the house.

An older, worn out roof can require many repairs and patching which will eventually cause other problems, both structurally and aesthetically. In some cases the old support struts and batons may have rotted and deteriorated and require replacement. This can happen if your roof has been leaking continuously and many times.

A roof may have been damaged by a heavy storm or a fallen tree with the damage being to much to warrant an economical repair. In these cases it could well be more economical to replace the roof with a new roof. Our roofing contractors will inspect your roof thoroughly and discuss with you suitable options for roof replacement if necessary.

It is an exciting experience choosing a new roof. There are a wide range of roofing materials on the market today and a colorbond roof is very popular at the moment. In addition to materials, you can choose from a wide range of colours. Our roofing experts will assist you in all your options and make the process as easy as possible.

Efficient Insulation

Nowadays roofing materials are designed with the environment in mind. Modern materials have been designed to increase your homes insulation and some materials have even been designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat. This results in a “cool roof” which can be up to 30% cooler than a standard roof.

With modern roofs, one can expect reduced energy bills by decreasing air conditioning needs and an extended roof life because the roof’s temperature itself is lowered.

Roof Structure Protection

As mentioned, your roof structured maybe impacted by repeated weathering from an inefficient or faulty roof. Ongoing exposure will result in significant damage to trusses, struts and batons that make up the structure of your roof. In time, the roof will not be able to be supported by its framework and both the roof and the roof structure will need replacing.

A re-roof will prevent ongoing exposure to the elements and the re-roof process itself will address any issues which maybe present with the roof structure.

A thorough inspection by our roofing specialists will highlight any issues that maybe present in the roof structure and roof itself.

Think of a roof replacement as an investment, one that will save you money over the long run and increase the value of your most important asset – your home. We are here to help and will guide throughout the entire process and make it as painless as possible.