Roof Restorations & Replacements in Geelong

Through the expertise of carefully chosen roofing contractors, we provide high quality roofing services in all roof related areas.

Our website represents individual roofing contractors who each work independently, and each are licensed and insured.

We have selected roofing experts that are trustworthy and will deliver their services reliably and efficiently. We have already done the hard work and selected reliable tradesmen so you don’t have to.

Payment Plans Now Available

Roof Restoration Geelong now offers payment plans to enjoy flexible, budget-friendly options for your roofing needs, ensuring a seamless service without the financial strain.

Restoration Pricing

Carrying out a restoration as opposed to replacing your roof can be surprisingly cost effective. The results are often very impressive and similar to a new roof look.

Each job varies, however as a guide most jobs fall between $22 – $38 per square metre. This is a very broad guideline and does not include materials or repairs, etc. It is intended to give you a starting point.

Our inspection and quotation service is free and there is no obligation to commit to us. This approach will give you a more accurate idea of costs for your particular circumstances.

Job Duration

There are factors which affect the duration of a restoration job. The major factors are weather, site accessibility, size of job, and materials availability.

On average, a typical job will take less than a week. Our roofing experts are very efficient and will endeavour to have your job completed as soon as possible.

If you use our free quotation service, our consultant will be able to inform you at the time of inspection an estimate of how long and when the job can be do for you.

We are committed to your satisfaction.